How do I obtain a parking assignment?

You can purchase the right to park on an ongoing basis at a designated facility by filling out an application and paying an annual fee. Remember, you are paying for access to a lot, not for a space. This fee can be paid through monthly payroll deductions, and the amount paid may be prorated when appropriate. For more information, see a customer service representative at one of our three office locations or call (312) 413-5800.

Parking Application

UIC Parking Rules and Regulations

Temporary Reciprocal Parking Request

Please Note:

All UIC parking lots are self-park facilities. UIC is not responsible for the loss of, loss from, or damage to vehicles parked in university parking facilities, on the UIC campus, or on UIC property. There may be occasions when it will not be possible to park in your regularly assigned lot. At such times, we reserve the right to relocate you to another lot. You are responsible for abiding by UIC parking rules and regulations, copies of which are available in the parking offices, attended parking lots, and online. Failure to do so may result in a citation accompanied by a fine.

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