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Electric Vehicles

UIC Parking Services has Blink charging stations available at multiple locations within the parking garages. Blink is a subsidiary of CarCharging.

You are responsible for paying the variable parking rate while using the charging stations.

The Blink rates and membership FAQ’s can be viewed at:

You can setup a free Blink membership account by visiting:

Charging Locations Heading link

Level 2 (240 volt AC input) Pedestal and Wall Mount EV
Level 3 (480 volt 3-Phase AC input) delivers the fastest EV charging rate providing a full charge in less than 30 minutes.
Location Address Charger Level
Maxwell Street Parking Structure (MSPS) 701 W. Maxwell St. Level 2 and 3
Paulina Street Parking Structure (PSPS) 915 S. Paulina St. Level 2
Harrison Street Parking Structure (HSPS) 1100 W. Harrison St. Level 2
Halsted Street Parking Structure (HLPS) 760 W. Taylor St. Level 2
Wood Street Parking Structure (WSPS) - Card Access 1100 S. Wood St. Level 2
Blink Member Blink Guest
Level 2 $0.39/kWh $0.49/kWh

UIC Parking Rates Heading link

Variable Rates
.0 hrs. - 1 hr. $5.00
1 hrs. - 2hrs. $7.00
2 hrs. - 3 hrs. $9.00
3 hrs. - 4 hrs. $11.00
4 hrs. - 5 hrs. $13.00
5 hrs. + $15.00
Lost Ticket $30.00