Value Card Parking Program

Parking Services will offer a discounted daily parking program for those who occasionally need to park on campus.

Beginning July 1, anyone continuing to telework full-time or wishing to pay for daily parking can participate in the Value Card Program which enables you to pay for parking on a per-use basis instead of having to retain monthly parking assignments.  Parkers will pay $9.00 each time they access a designated parking facility within a 24 hour period.  Students will pay a discounted rate of $6.00.  This represents a significant cost savings compared to the daily rate of $15.00.

Employees-  There are two options for participating in the Value Card Parking Program.

  1. Pre-Tax Value Card Program
    If you are currently paying for a parking assignment through payroll deductions, you can continue to use your i-card but can select to pay for a specific number of uses. Please note:  You are only allowed to enter/exit the lot once per day.  Any additional entrances/exits will count toward your monthly usage.
    The fees will continue to be paid via payroll deductions. You will have to select one of the following amounts:

    • $36 for 4 days of parking
    • $54 for 6 days of parking
    • $72 for 8 days of parking
  2. Value Card Program                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    If you do not have parking deductions, you will have to visit one of the Parking Offices with your valid UIC ID to purchase Value Card validations at $9.00 each.

Students- Visit the parking office with your valid UIC ID to purchase Value Card validations at $6.00 each.

Parking Office Locations

  • Wood Street Parking Structure (WSPS), 1100 S. Wood Street Rm. 122
  • Student Center West (SCW), 828 S. Wolcott, Rm. B5A
  • Student Services Building (SSB), 1200 W. Harrison, Suite 2620 (if building is open)

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