Value Card Parking Program

Parking Services will now offer a discounted daily parking program for those who occasionally need to park on campus.

Beginning July 1, anyone continuing to telework full-time or wishing to instead pay for daily parking can participate in the Value Card Program which enables you to pay for parking on a per-use basis instead of having to retain monthly parking assignments. By using value cards, parkers will pay $7.00 each time they access a designated parking facility within a 24 hour period.  Students will pay a discounted rate of $3.50 but must use a barcode card.  This represents a significant cost savings compared to the daily rate of $15.00.

Employees-  There are two options for participating in the Value Card Parking Program.

  1. Use your i-card as your value card. Value can be added monthly via payroll deductions in the following amounts:
    • $28 for 4 days of parking
    • $56 for 8 days of parking
    • $77 for 11 days of parking
  2. Use a barcode value card and add money at a UIC Parking office or at any Pay on Foot Station located in campus parking garages:

Parking Office Locations

  • Wood Street Parking Structure (WSPS), 1100 S. Wood Street Rm. 122
  • Student Center West (SCW), 828 S. Wolcott, Rm. B5A
  • Student Services Building (SSB), 1200 W. Harrison, Suite 2620 (if building is open)

Pay on Foot Station locations

  • Harrison Street Parking Structure, 1100 W. Harrison Street, 1st floor
  • Maxwell Street Parking Structure, 701 W. Maxwell Street, 1st floor
  • Paulina Street Parking Structure, 915 S. Paulina, 1st floor elevator lobby and at kiosk
  • Wood Street Parking Structure, 1100 S. Wood Street, 1st floor elevator lobby and 3rd floor Outpatient Care Clinic bridge vestibule

Students-  Students will need to use the barcode value card and manually add funds as indicated above.

For More Information: