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Wait List

Parking availability is limited on the UIC campus. If you are unable to obtain parking in a desired location, you may place your name on the wait list. You are allowed to be on the wait list for up to three lots only. The wait list date is based on the date you requested to be placed on the list.

How to Get on the Wait List Heading link

Please send an email to with your name, UIN, and up to three parking lots in order of preference. Remember, if you do not have a current parking assignment, you will have low priority. You may also add your name by calling any of the Parking Offices or at the time of applying for a parking assignment.

When a space becomes available, Campus Parking will contact you via email with instructions on how to transfer the assignment. Unless directly expressed by the Parking Office, you must transfer to the offered lot by the deadline stated in the email. If you fail to respond or transfer, you will be removed from the wait list.  If you are offered a lot from one of your wait list options, you will only remain on the wait list for any lot you have listed as a higher preference.

Wait List Rules Heading link

  1. Highest priority will be given to parkers with current parking assignments. Those who cancel their parking assignments will lose their place on the wait list(s). Individuals without parking assignments will have low priority on the wait list.
  2. Request date, not seniority, determines the placement on the wait list.
  3. If two parkers have the same request date, the customer with the most seniority in the parking program will receive the assignment.
  4. Parkers who are on sabbatical or any other authorized leave will not lose their position on the wait list.
  5. A fee will be assessed for all transfer requests.
  6. If you make any change to lot selections, such as swapping or additions, your request date will be adjusted to reflect the current date.

Wait List Exceptions Heading link

  1. Disabilities. Customers with disabled placards/license plates or who have been cleared through the Disability Resources Center (students) or University Health Services (faculty/staff) will not be placed on the wait list and will be accommodated (if space is available).
  2. Residents. As established by the Residency Program, residents will acquire/renew their parking assignments during the Resident Orientation Period.  If new residents miss the orientation or if no space is available in the resident allotment, they will be assigned parking in any available parking facility.
  3. Nurses. As established by past practice and union rules, nurses will be assigned parking closest to the Hospital and Clinics. If no space is available, they will be assigned parking in any available parking facility. Priority will be given for transfers.
  4. Directives. Other exceptions may be made by Parking Administration or by University requirements.

Wait List Length Heading link

Your length of time on the wait list cannot be predicted. Campus Parking does not control the turnover, or the supply or demand, of permits. High demand lots can have a wait of up to 6 years (e.g. Lot E, Paulina Street Parking Structure, and Wood Street Parking Structure). Low demand lots become available faster.

Planning an alternate long term commuting solution is highly recommended.
Lot 8 3.5 years
Lot A3 6 years
Lot A4 2.5 years
Lot B4 4 years
Lot C4 3 years
Lot E 7 years
Lot E4 3-6 months
Lot F 3 years
Lot F4 2 years
Lot G 1 year
Lot H 6-9 months
Lot J 1.5 years
Lot K 6-9 months
Lot M 9-12 months
Lot N1 3 years
Lot O 2 years
PSPS 3.5-4 years
WSPS 3.5-4 years