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Parking Assignment Information

All UIC parking lots are self-park facilities. UIC is not responsible for the loss of, loss from, or damage to vehicles parked in university parking facilities, on the UIC campus, or on UIC property.

There may be occasions when it will not be possible to park in your regularly assigned lot. We reserve the right at such times to relocate you to another lot.

If you park a car on campus without a hangtag, call Parking Enforcement at (312) 355-0555 immediately to obtain a one-day permit. If you will be parking a vehicle without a hangtag for more than one day, you must obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from one of the Parking Offices.

If you forget your i-card or access card, you have two options:

  1. Park in a visitor lot and go to one of the Parking Offices to obtain a no-fee exit permit.
  2. Upon arrival at your assigned parking lot, you can contact Parking Enforcement at (312) 355-0555 or by using the PAU (Parking Assistance Unit) located at the entrance of the lot in order to enter/exit. Only three no-fees will be granted per semester.

Rules and Regulations 

Parking Assignment Enrollment Heading link

To purchase a parking assignment, you must have a valid UIC ID.  An application must be submitted online at or in person.  You will have the following options:

  1. Enroll in the payroll parking deduction plan. This option can only be selected if you are eligible for benefits with an appointment time of 50% or greater.
  2. Pay in full on a weekly, monthly, semester or annual basis. This option must be selected if you are not eligible to enroll in payroll deductions.  Weekly and monthly purchases must be made in person.

New I-Card Issued Heading link

If you receive a new i-card, you must call the Parking Office immediately.  If you do not contact the Parking, your new i-card will not work in the parking lot.

Current Parking Fees Heading link

24-hr Assignments Evening/Weekend Assignments*
Monthly Pre-Tax Deductions $85.58/month $57.40/month
Fall/Spring Semester $401.00 $269.00
Summer Semester $225.00 $151.00
One Month Pass $108.00 $77.00
One Week Pass $44.00 $31.00

*Evening parking allows access between the hours of 3pm-8am (Mon-Fri & 24hr on Sat/Sun). Evening coupons must be used for entrance and exits only between the hours of 3pm and 8am. UIC Parking Services reserves the right to change all rates and fees without notice.

Access Information Heading link

When submitting the application, you will have an option to select the lot of your choice based on space availability at the time of enrollment. The lots that appear on the drop down menu on the application are the only lots currently available.  Please note, there is a high demand for parking on the West/Medical Campus.  Most lots have a wait list, some with up to a 7 year wait. A list of current wait times is available here. You will have the option to place yourself on up to three wait lists at the time of enrollment.

Your i-card will be programmed for access to the lot you were issued.  If applying in person, a tag will be given to you at the time of purchase.  If applying online, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for obtaining your tag. The parking tag issued to you must be displayed on the rearview mirror while parked, as well as, entering/exiting the lot to avoid receiving citations.

Suspension of Parking Assignment Heading link

If you do not need to park on campus for at least one month, you may suspend your parking deductions by submitting this form.  Do not return your hangtag.  The suspension of your assignment is valid up to one year.  During the suspension period, you will not lose your parking assignment nor your priority on the wait list for parking lots.  After one year, your parking will be canceled, and you will be removed from all wait lists.  To reinstate your assignment, you will be required to submit the reinstatement form.

Cancellation of Parking Assignment Heading link

IF YOU NO LONGER NEED PARKING or leave the university, you must return your parking hangtag in to one of the three Parking Offices and fill out a “termination of payroll deductions” form. Deductions will be stopped only after the assignment is canceled.

A fee will be assessed if the hangtag is not returned. Cancellation of a parking assignment automatically removes you from the waitlist. You will remain responsible for the payment of all parking citations.

Parking Refunds Heading link

Deductions: If you elect to pay via payroll deductions, they will continue until you terminate your assignment. Per IRS regulations, payroll deductions are taken pre-tax and cannot be refunded.

Semester and Annual Payments with credit/cash/check: Prorated refunds will be issued for parking assignments canceled before the twelfth week of class during Fall/Spring semester.  An assignment is considered cancelled when the hangtag is returned to the Parking Office.

Weekly and Monthly Payments with credit/cash/check: Weekly passes are not eligible for refunds.  Refund requests for monthly passes are subject to review.

Reserved Parking Heading link

A limited number of reserved spaces are available to employees at the premium rate. The spaces are for the exclusive use of those who are assigned to them.

Transfer of Lots Heading link

Transfer of a lot assignment is subject to availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis. The transfer fee is currently $10.

Seniority Heading link

Parking seniority begins on the first day of a parking assignment.