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Remote Parking Shuttle

Remote Parking Shuttle


Free Remote Parking

Free remote parking is available to west campus parkers only.  The remote parking is located at the Harrison Street Parking Structure, 1100 W. Harrison Street.  A free shuttle will transport you from the Harrison Street garage to the west campus.  You must have your UIC i-card/badge available to show the driver.  See operating hours below.


Shuttle Hours of Operation, M - F

5am – 10am

Continuously (approximately 20 minute intervals)

10am – 2pm

Every ½ hour

2pm – 8pm

Continuously (approximately 20 minute intervals)


The remote shuttle stops are indicated with signs located at the Harrison Street Parking Structure, on Congress Parkway at the northeast side of the garage and in front of the UI Hospital, 1747 W. Taylor Street, just west of the cutout.  See the map at the bottom.  No additional stops will be added.

If you need to park in the evenings and weekends on the west campus, you can obtain free relocation in the card access only parking lot of your choice, excluding reserved lots.  Relocation is available Monday through Friday from 3pm to midnight (can be extended) and 24 hours on the weekends.

To participate, please visit the Parking Office with your hangtag to transfer your assignment.  If you do not have parking, you will need to apply for an assignment by completing a parking application.  New applications for remote parking (not transfers) are accepted at the Parking Administration office only.



1. How long will free parking be available?

The free parking/shuttle program is expected to last until 2026.

2.  If I give up my assignment, then change my mind, can I return to my original parking assignment?

No.  You will be assigned to whatever lot is available on the west campus. However, if a space becomes available in your original lot; you will be the first person to receive it.

3. When this program ends, will I be able to return to my original parking assignment?


4. Why are you offering free parking to west campus parkers?

Demand for parking is very high on the west campus.

The use of remote parking is a short-term solution while a new parking garage is being built on the west campus.

5. Is the University operating the shuttle?

No.  The shuttle operations have been contracted to United Bus.

6. If I participate in the shuttle program, will this affect my place on the wait list?

No, your spot on the wait list will not be affected.